Visions for piano solo (German) Sheet music

Seven evocative piano solos, minimalist in style. Easy to play film music style.

CONTENTS: Susan Owers: 1. The Promise, 2. After The Rain, 3. Moonlit Dance, 4. Night Kiss, 5. A Celtic Dream, 6. A New Day, 7. Mia Bella (Beautiful Light). CD included. PIANO SOLO Includes CD.

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Wings – Paperback

Four apprentice faeries await the winter solstice naming ceremony, where they will each receive a new name and position within the glen. style.

Wings is a musical novella, which includes sheet music for fifteen easy to intermediate piano solos. There is also a beautiful solo, arranged for voice and piano accompaniment. The sheet music will interest pianists of all ages. And for those readers who are not musicians, there are downloads of the relevant pieces.

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